Report on Compliance with Public School Standards 2022-23 School Year (LINK)

2023-2024 School-Level Communicable Disease Management Plan Arlington (LINK)

Arlington School District Title I Plan (LINK) updated 8/23

Annual Notice for Statewide Testing (ENGLISH SPANISH)

Statewide Testing OPT OUT form and procedure (ENGLISH SPANISH)

Arlington K-12 & Gilliam County Immunization Rates (LINK)

Arlington Integrated Programs Application (LINK)

Mask Mandate for schools information. (8/4/21)


Free Breakfast and Lunch Information

Arlington School District SIA PLAN  SIA Annual Report

2021-2022 ODE Oregon English Language Learner Report (link)

Arlngton Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Plan LINK

School-Level COVID-19 Management Plan For School Year 2022-23 LINK

Communicable Diseases Management ANNEX  (updated 8-26-2020

OSHA Exposure Risk Assessment Form(12/15/20)

OSHA Infection Control Plan (12/15/20)

March 2022 Mask info LINK

Oregon District Continuous Improvement Plan 2019-2021

Exclusion and Restraint 2021-2022 Report

HASS reporting LINK

Arlington Suicide Prevention Plan LINK updated (MAY26, 2023)